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Hemlock Grove

Author: Brian McGreevy

Released: March 27, 2012

This article is about the 2012 book. For the Netflix original series based off the book, see Hemlock Grove (Series).

Hemlock Grove is a werewolf horror and drama novel written by Brian McGreevey. It is set for adaptation into an original series that will air exclusively on Netflix.


The story is set in the small town of Hemlock Grove, Pensylvania, where the remains of the once-flourishing Godfrey steel company lie dormant. A teenaged girl by the name of Brooke Bluebell is found murdered in Kilderry Park, and two high school boys are determined to discover the killer. One of the boys, Peter Rumancek, is a Gypsy and a werewolf. The other is Roman Godfrey, heir to the Godfrey steel mill fortune and nephew of Dr. Normal Godfrey, the current head of the Godfrey Institute of Biomedical Technologies. As the killings continue, the boys, along with Roman's malformed sister Shelley and pregnant cousin Letha, continue their investigation into what Peter believes to be the work of a "Vargulf" -a rogue werewolf.

Werewolves in Hemlock Grove

The werewolves in Hemlock Grove appear as larger than normal, bipedal wolves with slightly larger canine teeth. As they transform their human splits open and sheds revealing the wolf's fur within. The formal name of werewolves in Hemlock Grove is Lupus Sapiens, or "the wise wolf." One of the identifying features of a werewolf in human form is the index and ring fingers being the same length. Werewolves are not pack animals and they shift during the full moon. Lycanthropy is an inherited trait but can also be achieved by drinking the water from a werewolf's paw print.

Netflix Series Adaptation

Main article: Hemlock Grove (Series)

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